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African life

African life in Serer country...

Senegal is above all people

Here in the Serer country, the tradition of hospitality is not an empty word… Smiles, laughter, rhythms, parties, colors, a profusion of life and vitality that they enjoy sharing.

To the market of Nguéniène by bush taxi.

Fruits and vegetables, fabrics and jewellery, cattle and charms… this large weekly market will immerse you in an authentic and colorful Africa. You can continue your walk to Joal Fadiouth. Passing through the bush, you will go to Joal, the country of Senghor. There, visit the fishing port, jumble of boats, men and fish… Then stroll on the island of shells of Fadiout, which has become a Christian cemetery and in the evening, at sunset, a short canoe trip along the traditional millet granaries.

Trip to the traditional market on Wednesday

Price : 15 000 FCFA

Sunday mass in Gounoumane

Price : Taxi or Carriage price

Walk in Baboucar

Meet in the village of Boubacar, where the family of griots of our baker Djiby lives. The welcome is enthusiastic and the drums punctuate a spontaneous sharing of music and dances with the children, under the palaver tree of the family concession. It is not folklore, but the expression of the spontaneous vitality specific to Africans.

Welcome to a family of griots

Price : 20 000 FCFA

Serer traditional wrestling

The frantic rhythm of the Tam Tams, chants to the glory of the Heroes, virile power of the village champions, magic rituals, dances of the wrestlers and the public, parades of the delegations, everything is mixed together in an apparent disorder which nevertheless follows ancestral rules.

Traditional wrestling evening

Price per person : 7000 FCFA

Reservation of activities

Booked an activity simply at the reception before 5:30 p.m. or by mail : reception@niassam.com

For all activities, the reservations are done, simply and quickly on site, at the reception. The service providers Senegalese are paid in FCFA (we don't take no commission on benefits)