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Come and be amazed…
of the natural and authentic beauty
of this great African space

Our latest creation!

The man's hut is totally original.
Built in earth, all the rooms are round with a domed ceiling.

The decoration has taken care of every detail: The floor is designed with colorful broken tiles, the walls in undulations of different colors, the sink is a gourd caught in the branches of a tree

To complete it all a shaded terrace opening onto the lagoon.

Lodge case de l'homme
Lodges Baobab

Discover the new baobab rooms with their magnificent panorama

On each side of the large terrace, a bedroom :
One with a double bed, the other with two single beds and toilet on the terrace.
Ideal for 3 or 4 friends and for families of 4.

At daybreak you will have a memorable breakfast on this terrace : panoramic view, pelicans and birds on the lagoon. Natural beauty in all its splendor.

Niassam, on one of the 5 most beautiful bays in the world

This morning we discovered that photos of Niassam illustrated an article on the most beautiful bays in the world. We already knew it, frequent travelers told...

Lodge Philosophy

Your room is open to nature. This magnificent landscape of lagoon and bush becomes the natural extension of your lodge.

Ecological materials chosen for the construction, a bias to better respect Man and his environment.
An original and unusual architecture that takes into account the Earth and Man in its sensitivity, shapes, colors, art, poetry
Lodge, hotel restaurant Niassam Sénégal
Lodge, hotel restaurant Niassam Sénégal
Lodge, hotel restaurant Niassam Sénégal
Lodge, hotel restaurant Niassam Sénégal

Our lodges

Perched on the Baobab, on the lagoon at the water’s edge or on the comfortable hill, from your room, you will be seduced by the magic of the place.

Lodge lagune

Lagoon lodge

Your room at the water's edge

Lodge baobab panorama

Baobab panorama lodge

Perched on the Baobab
Lodge colline

Garden side lodge

Cozy Hill
Lodge Savane

Savannah lodge

Wild charm
Lodge case de l'homme

The Man’s Hut

Our latest creation!

Activities around the lodge

In countryside

Go on an excursion on the slopes, in the bush, on the village side or go observe the hyenas!

Along the water

Travel by canoe or canoe in the mangroves, on the lagoon or go fishing at sea!

African life

Stroll to the Market, to meet the inhabitants and traditional wrestling... African life in Serer country.