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In countryside

The surroundings of the Lodge promise you many surprises...
The surroundings of the Lodge promise you many surprises, baobab forests, traditional village, multicolored salt wells and a beach as far as the eye can see. Alone or with a guide, on foot, in a cart or on horseback, discover beautiful Africa.

Alone, in complete privacy

Around the Lodge, explore the bush on foot, in peace. On the Lagoon, a canoe is at your disposal, oars are available at the restaurant

With a Serer guide

In the bush, in the Mangrove, discovering the villages, let yourself be guided by your Serer guides. Maxime, at the restaurant, is available to give you prices and organize your excursions. Discover in pictures the activities offered in our photo books available at the restaurant.

Village side

On the village side, the beach is a 20-minute walk away, through the salt wells. Unless you prefer the cart to enjoy this ride and discover, with your guide, the village and the surrounding bush, before diving into the ocean.

Carriage ride (1h)

Price : 10 000 FCFA

Village and bush carriage rides (Max 3h)

Price : 15 000 FCFA

Brousse a cheval Lodge Niassam Sénégal
Promenade brousse Lodge Niassam Sénégal

bush side

On the bush side, you cross the tan, strange stretches of sand, extended by the savannah, a domain of birds and jackals that you can come across in the morning or in the evening. Horse riding, jogging, walking, cart, all means of transport are good… except the car!

Bush walk with guide (2h)

Price : 5000 FCFA


If you go to see the hyenas, it is from the Lodge, on a horse cart with Diegan or Mathias, you will leave for a beautiful walk, in the bush, in the golden light of the end of the day. On the lookout behind thorny bushes, you can observe hyenas coming out of the mangroves to begin their long nocturnal wandering (40 to 50 km), in search of animals or dead fish left on the beaches by fishermen. . Then, back to the Lodge, between dog and wolf, the bush is enveloped in fleeting shades of blue and gray; little by little, the landscape dissolves and falls into the dark night.

Observation of hyenas (for 2 to 4 people)

Price : 15 000 FCFA

hyène Lodge Niassam Sénégal

Reservation of activities

Booked an activity simply at the reception before 5:30 p.m. or by mail : reception@niassam.com

For all activities, the reservations are done, simply and quickly on site, at the reception. The service providers Senegalese are paid in FCFA (we don't take no commission on benefits)