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Spirit of the lodge

A radiant ecology
There would be so much to write about the meaning of the ecology of the lodge and its implementation. We are just going to tell you in simple sentences how we have practiced this essential ecology since its inception.
création originale et écologique lodge Niassam Sénégal

An original and ecological creation

An architecture in harmony and valued by its natural environment.

A practical application of the “negawatt”: The negawatt consists in excluding the useless and finding simple solutions adapted to the environment.
A large solar autonomy of electricity. No air conditioning, sufficient natural ventilation. Solar hot water.
Water management. Hot water by buckets brought to the room: necessary and sufficient and also very water efficient.

Management of waste, wastewater, an essential ecology in this fragile environment.

A healthy disconnection by sparing use of WiFi only at reception.

A local supply of fish, fruit and vegetables, with a garden for fresh produce and aromatic herbs. Preferably purchase of seasonal and locally produced products.

Staff management

jobs in the village, better living conditions for staff. They go home to their families after work.

A equal pay for men and women, a house for women their children and nannies.

They all built their homes with their earnings and interest-free loans.

gestion du personnel lodge Niassam Sénégal
Partenariat avec le village lodge Niassam Sénégal


Partnership with the village for collective actions such as Palmarin Propre initiated by Niassam and transmitted to the town hall. (See in our Videos)

For your activities, we do not take any commission on external services so the people of the village benefit directly and totally from tourism.

Commitment of the Lodge against the plundering of the nourishing ocean practiced by factory boats and fishmeal, by the financial support of the “transition of evolutionaries” association of which Mathieu Ndour “child of the village” is President.

A joyful coexistence

with the animals of the bush, the birds that come to drink at the swimming pool, the monitor lizards that are at home, and even the waiters manage a drinking trough for protective ants against the invading little redheads.

Result, living conditions rich in life and natural relationships. Ecology is not a constraint, but an “evolved” return to basics. A quality of service, of relations offering a singularity appreciated by our customers.

cohabitation joyeuse lodge Niassam Sénégal
This practical ecology is the foundation of the success of the lodge.

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