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The payment of your stay.

If you book directly on our site, you provide credit card information to validate your reservation. It will only be debited when you leave.

We also accept euro or CFA checks, cash, bank transfers.

If you do not have a credit card, you can pay 30% when ordering by bank transfer or Orange money or Wave.

The first luxury is your terrace with a magnificent view!

Of course you will benefit in your room from all the necessary comfort for a quality stay. Your private bathroom is equipped with a sink, a shower, and toilets. In winter, we provide you with buckets of hot water. All rooms are furnished with a double bed and usually with a children’s bed. Solar energy allows you to have continuous electricity, even at night, however, our isolation in the bush does not allow us to offer you air conditioning.

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About health

As soon as you announce that you are going to Africa, the administrations and the doctors brandish an impressive list of precautions, medicines, vaccines. But Africa is big, and our little corner of Niassam is particularly healthy. Don’t ruin your vacation with nausea and unpleasant reactions to all these treatments. Regarding the yellow fever vaccine, it is not compulsory and the region where the Lodge is located is not a risk zone. Regarding anti-malaria treatments, from November to July, there are practically no mosquitoes. Sleeping under a mosquito net and getting mosquito repellent are sufficient measures to protect yourself during this period. You choose…

About gifts

In Africa, the gift is a tradition when you go to see friends, family or when you visit a village chief, a notable. But distributing sweets and pencils to kids you meet in the bush destroys the authentic relationship with the population, transforming them into beggars and you, the traveler, into a traveling Santa Claus.

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