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Over the water

In the mangrove, on the sea, on the lagoon!

Along the water, in the mangrove, on the sea or the lagoon!

After a very nice walk through the bush, our traditional canoe awaits you in a small corner full of charm. Along the water, you will discover the mangrove and its fauna. You will stop on a deserted beach where you will taste the mangrove oysters opened on a wood fire.


Go for a day of guaranteed catches with professional and passionate fishermen. Combine the pleasure of fishing and the discovery of a unique biotope. In the fish-filled rivers of Sine Saloum, in the small belons or at sea, there is no fisherman empty-handed… Experienced fisherman or beginner, indulge yourself: you will taste your catch on the spot.

1/2 day, Mangrove fishing trip

Fishing with tasting of fishing products.
Price: 45 000 FCFA (price for 6 people maximum, 5000 FCFA per additional person)

Peche saloum lodge Niassam Sénégal
Balade canoe lodge Niassam Sénégal


Narrow passages, meanders, some sandy beaches. Without Pierre, your guide, you would be lost in these maze of the mangroves… but Pierre will surely guide you, to share with you the surprises of this very special ecosystem where the silence is just punctuated by the rhythm of the paddles and the cries of the birds.

Canoeing in the mangroves (3h)

Price : 7500 FCFA / person


Go for a walk, discover the mangroves by canoe for half a day or a full day.

Pirogue day in the mangrove

Day in mangroves, islands and delta with picnic, for 2 people.
Price : 65 000 Fcfa (5 000 Fcfa per additional adult and 3 000 Fcfa per additional child)

1/2 day pirogue in the mangrove

Price : 40 000 Fcfa (price for 6 people maximum 5000 cfa per additional person)

Peche pirogue samoum lodge Niassam Sénégal

Reservation of activities

Booked an activity simply at the reception before 5:30 p.m. or by mail : reception@niassam.com

For all activities, the reservations are done, simply and quickly on site, at the reception. The service providers Senegalese are paid in FCFA (we don't take no commission on benefits)