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To live and share around the Lodge

Reservation of activities

Booked an activity simply at the reception before 5:30 p.m. or by mail : reception@niassam.com

For all activities, the reservations are done, simply and quickly on site, at the reception. The service providers Senegalese are paid in FCFA (we don't take no commission on benefits)

The surroundings of the Lodge promise you many surprises, baobab forests, traditional village, multicolored salt wells and a beach as far as the eye can see. Alone or with a guide, on foot, in a cart or on horseback, discover beautiful Africa.

Alone, in complete privacy

Around the Lodge, explore the bush on foot, in peace. On the Lagoon, a canoe is at your disposal, oars are available at the restaurant

With a Serer guide

In the bush, in the Mangrove, discovering the villages, let yourself be guided by your Serer guides. Maxime, at the restaurant, is available to give you prices and organize your excursions. Discover in pictures the activities offered in our photo books available at the restaurant.

The swimming pool

Accessible to all, to loosen. She is surrounded by
small alcoves to read, orTo watch the birds of the bush who come to drink.

Piscine lodge Niassam Sénégal
Massage détente Lodge Niassam Sénégal


Licia or Anna, the masseuses, offer you several types of massage : “Ayurvedic“, “Thai“, work on the energy points

Massage :

1 hour : 25 000 FCFA
1/2 hour : 15 000 FCFA

The library

At the reception, African novels, classic literature, detective novels, comics and children’s books. Our books are at your disposal, please bring them back before your departure.

Bibliothèque Lodge Niassam Sénégal


Whether you are a specialist or an amateur, the variety of birds that are easy to observe is a real delight. Around the Lodge, lagoon, bush and mangrove, offer varied biotopes, favorable to a great diversity of species.

The Lodge oasis with its tall trees and swimming pool is an ideal refuge for many bush species. Hornbills, Hoopoes, Gonolecs, Parrots, Parakeets, Metallic Blackbirds… perch in trees and shrubs. Weavers, Cordons Bleus, Amaranths, Bengalis, Doves, Wagtails and Sparrows… appreciate the swimming pool for drinking or cooling off. Sunbirds prefer to forage on flowers!

A few steps in the bush and the magnificent Abyssinian Roller will seduce you with its beautiful colors. If you are more patient, you will be able to tell the difference between the varieties of bee-eaters. And at the very top, at the top of the trees, some large birds will take flight as you approach, Vultures, Raptors… with your binoculars.

Location vélo Lodge Niassam Sénégal

Bike rental

Par hour : 1000 FCFA
The journee : 5000 FCFA

équitation cheval lodge Niassam Sénégal

Horseback riding, 1 hour

Rate per person : 6000 FCFA

Visite Musée MAHICAO

Visit MAHICAO Museum

If guiding +3500 FCFA for the group

Rate per person : 2500 FCFA

Other Walks and excursions

In countryside

Go on an excursion on the slopes, in the bush, on the village side or go observe the hyenas!

Along the water

Travel by canoe or canoe in the mangroves, on the lagoon or go fishing at sea!

African life

Stroll to the Market, to meet the inhabitants and traditional wrestling... African life in Serer country.